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Booking a session is a the perfect way to ensure that the precious moments and memories in your life are captured and preserved for a lifetime. Photography has a unique ability to freeze time, allowing you to revisit special occasions, milestones, and loved ones whenever you desire. Whether it's a wedding, pregnancy,  or a date night with your love... I can document the moments and emotions that make it so special. 


Want to capture memories that last a 

up to 3 outfit changes
up to 3 location changes
Newborn lifestyle sessions + Fresh 48 add ons

Starting at  $400


up to 3 outfit changes
up to 3 location changes

Starting at  $450

Couples + Engagement

up to 2 outfit changes
up to 2 location changes

Starting at  $400


"When I hit my third trimester I fell into a bit of a dark hole. I saw how far my body had come and to think of how much farther it had to go terrified me. I mean really terrified me. I cried every day for at least two weeks. If Ted asked me how I was doing my eyes would just swell with tears. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and was afraid I never would. I definitely wasn’t getting the whole “isn’t pregnancy beautiful?” narrative. I wasn’t in a place where I could see that yet. I was so disconnected from the idea that I was or could be beautiful. My mental health suffered to say the least."

"I feel like you just gave me my confidence back and that is priceless Kiera"


"Kiera insisted on doing this shoot for me and i really felt like I was going to hate it (no offense, kiera 💕) I just wasn’t in a headspace to believe that pictures of this time of my life could bring me any joy. Being surrounded by strong beautiful women who could show me what I am, what I look like, and remind me what i’m doing was medicine for my soul."

Cagney + Garrett

hopping on to say Kiera is literally the best ever and if you don’t get your photos done by her you’re missing out. I’ve never felt so comfortable behind a camera and she makes my boyfriend actually enjoy taking pictures. It’s always such a fun time at any session with her. She truly makes you feel your best self! Not to mention her editing it PERFECTION and she gets sneak peaks back in record breaking time! We love her and her amazing skills behind the camera! 
xoxo Cagney and Garrett  

"Our photographer FOREVER"

Kinley + Colten

"WOW WOW WOW!! These are absolutely AMAZING and everything we wanted!!! Thank you SO much!! We love them!!"


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